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  • Anti-counterfeiting Traceability System

    As the high tech information management platform, Techsun Anti-counterfeiting Traceability System is based on visual anti-counterfeiting technology and new technology materials, and cored on the RFID and QR information technology by anti-counterfeiting labels,anti-counterfeiting bottle cap and anti-counterfeiting packaging as carriers.

    This system is suitable for whole process traceability management from product manufacturing, warehousing,logistics to market circulation. The customized QR,HF RFID,UHF RFID labels and RFID bottle caps are produced according to customer’s requirements.

    The whole system is protected closely by intellectual property.

  • Anti-counterfeiting Label/Bottle Cap

    Techsun Anti-counterfeiting Labels/Bottle Caps, combined with various high-end anti-counterfeiting technologies to protect against tempering and copying. It customized with QR code and RFID to satisfy different customers’anti-counerfeiting traceability requirements.

    eCloud® FilmAnti-counterfeiting Label

    PDI® Anti-counterfeiting Label

    Securo® Anti-counterfeiting label

    Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Caps

  • Visual Anti-counterfeiting Technology


    eCloud Film is full-aspect glass-free 3D anti-counterfeiting packaging material, integrates micro optics, micro nanofabrication and micro printing technologies with eye-appealing visual impact, easy-to-observed.


    Based on optical polymer material, Protector® is a high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology made use of photolithography. Turning the label,the image and background on the label change color simultaneously, from red to green or green to blue.


    A high level visual anti-counterfeiting technology which has the covert function.  It includes four different visual effects and  the is suitable to re-authenticate.

  • Information Anti-counterfeiting Technology


    The RFIDIUM® is a kind of advanced intelligent radio frequency identification technology. Each RFID chip stores a globally unique ID number.Applying the state encryption algorithm guarantees every anti-counterfeiting authenticated data is unique and safety. It supports Apple and Android mobile phones authentication, and has wide application.  


    With unique anti-counterfeiting technology and new materials,Techsun QR Code technology protects against copying and faking and realizes cost advantages of information traceability solutions.

  • Functions & Advantages — Anti-counterfeiting & Traceability

    • Anti-counterfeiting

      Unique Advanced Technologies,Encryption Security Chip,Special Anti-counterfeiting Technologies,Micro-nano Security Products.

    • Anti-recycling

      Multiple Composite Structures,Fragile Base Materials,Varieties of One-time Anti - transfer Technologies.

    • Anti-switching

      Mashups Aulti-technology Traceability System,Prediction of the true and false goods exchange after the delivery.

    • Blockchain traceability management
      Blockchain traceability management

      With RFID/ QR code data as the core, the traceability system can realize real-time monitoring of whole process.

    Big data

    Functions & Advantages—Big Data Marketing

    • Precision Marketing

      Precision Marketing

    • Targeted advertising

      Targeted advertising

    • Anticipating counterfeiting

      Anticipating counterfeiting

    • Internet Marketing

      Internet Marketing

    • Real-time query

      Real-time query

    • Tracing & Tracking Analysis

      Tracing & Tracking Analysis

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